Why is Kara Sick?


 There she lies

 A baby girl drowning

 In a sea of white sheets

 Why Her?


   There she lies

  I.Vs piercing her delicate skin

 Like needles piercing cotton

  Why Her?


  There she lies

 Looking as pale as the uniforms

     Of the nurses surrounding her

  And of the ones make my Mother weep

 Why Her?


 Silently tugging the sleeve of Mommy’s shirt

 I look into her eyes

 Red and puffy like a cherry tomato

 And ask in my small toddler voice

 “Why is Kara sick?”

 Choking back sobs

  Mommy replies, “That’s the way God wanted it to be”

 Waves of emotion crash on my beach

 Confusion seeps into my pores

  Sorrow grabs at my heart

 Anger flashes across my face

  Worry clutches my mind

  And my body goes numb

  Why Her?



                                    -Meghan Bove